AOL Mail is about to change to a new name, which got me thinking about e mail in general and how many people still use it.

When e mail became popular in the 1990’s it was the AOL version that stood out.

More services starting offering e mail accounts and sites like compu serve, yahoo, and hot mail became popular and g mail, most are free services.

According to the website wojdylo social media gmail is the most popular site today, and e mail has changed over the past ten plus years to allow users to keep infinite numbers of e mails in their boxes, many millennials have never cleaned out their in boxes.

Today’s cyber world offers more ways to communicate with texting, facebook and LinkedIn you don’t need an e mail account to communicate.

In spite of the other methods of cyber communication e mail accounts continue to grow and prosper according to the Radicati group over 200 billion e mails per day were sent in 2015 and that number is steadily increasing.

So the answer to my question how many people still use e mail, gets an emphatic yes.

I know in the business world I read and reply to hundreds each week.

According to an article in USA Today when Verizon finishes its purchase of Yahoo it will restructure AOL and Yahoo e mails to Oath.

Question will this produce a new catch phrase replacing ‘You Got Mail’?

[via USA Today]

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