Saw an article from the consumerist that made my head spin. With all the advances in tech now this was surprising to me. Apparently, over 2 million people still pay to use AOL. That's right... PAY to use AOL. The company says they make nearly 58 million per month on paid subscriptions. They have 2,156,000 subscribers. AOL makes about $20.83 per customer per month from subscription fees and other cash that subscribers pay. All accessing the internet through 56k dial up speeds. You know.. beep-beep boop-boop shhhhhhhhhhh.. ding-ding-ding... Let's be honest, it's probably because dialup internet access is still the only way that people in some parts of this country can have any access to the wWorld Wide Web at all.

If I didn't know that Dawn was in charge of service selection at home and made him do it, I would guess that Glenn Pitcher was probably one of them. His cellphone... OMG. There's only two of them. He has one, the other is still with Noah on the Ark. Glenn does know how to access the internet though... Ask him! He'll tell you he just clicks twice on the  "the little blue E picture".




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