Many people know that Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday and today is my second favorite....It's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day. WHAT?? It's not a holiday?? It should be!

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I always remember when it is because it's on the same day as my brother Jeff's birthday. So Happy Birthday Bone. Why do they call him Bone? You'll have to ask him.

Okay on to "Talk Like a Pirate" Day. So it's hard to tell that I'm talking like a pirate here, so I'm going to do the next best thing....Pirate jokes.

Pirate's Joke For Talk Like A Pirate Day

How do you make a PIRATE angry? You take away the P...Huh? Read it again.

The first thing a pirate says when he wakes up is, "Arrrgh!"  Why? You should see his wife.

What do you call a pirate with two eyes, two hands and two legs? A beginner.

Pirates are great singers. You should hear them when they hit the high Cs.

What does a Pirate Santa say? Row row row.

So did you like my Pirates Day jokes? Neither did ayye!

You want more Pirate jokes? Of course you do, go here. When you tell them later today...and you like a pirate and you're welcome.

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