I love a nice pickle. I love relish, I love pickles on my Cuban sandwich, I even love pickles with peanut butter. I love the brine and the crunch of picked cucumber.

Pickle juice is proven to keep people hydrated. My beloved Philadelphia Eagles even drank pickled juice on the sidelines one game to keep themselves from becoming dehydrated. It is a universal liquid.

All of that being sad, not sure how pickle juice in slush form is going to go over. The people over at Sonic plan on releasing a pickle juice flavored slush this upcoming June. Just in time for those hot summer days.

Just like a red or blue slush, this slush will apparently dye your tongue. The salty, briney treat will be making peoples tongues green all over America.

It is also being said the the pickle syrup used in the slush isn't just for the frozen treat. It can be used on burgers, hot dogs, chicken tender, even a milkshake!

The pickleness is running wild.

I think i may have to try this treat when it finally comes out. The pickle syrup actually makes me want to try it in a bloody mary. My imaginations is running wild!



Sonic recently released this frozen treat. IT WAS DELICIOUS. It has a very limey and pickley taste, but is surprisingly refreshing. Listen to the full review up top!

[via People]

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