I have heard of some really unique ways to quit your job, but this is really something.

According to reporting by the Buffalo News, a Customs and Border Patrol Agent from the Buffalo station is accused of damaging federal property after he allegedly sprayed urine all throughout his supervisor's office just 4 days before he officially retired from service.

Agent Eduardo Flores Jr. is accused of destroying government property by using a bottle to spray what was suspected to be urine all over everything in the cubicle of Supervisory Agent Brandon Steele while he was on vacation back in August 2020.

I smelled a strong, pungent order emanating from the entire cubicle that, based on my professional experience, smelled like urine.
-Senior Special Agent Matthew Gunnarson

In the criminal complaint, there was another CBP Officer who said he overheard Mr. Flores in the breakroom saying that he was going to spray something all over the supervisor's desk. Also according to an affidavit that was filed with the criminal complaint in US District Court, the building where this occurred has video surveillance video that captured Mr. Flores going into the office with the spray bottle.

Flores is due in court next week to answer for the charges. He faces up to a year in jail if he's found guilty.

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Can you imagine being so pissed-off with your supervisor that you throw pee all over their stuff? I will say I have had some crappy supervisors in my career, so I get it. As epic as this is, it still doesn't beat out the TV reporter who quit her job on-air, or the man who hired a 19-piece brass band to tell his boss that he quit.

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