I can throw some cliques your way about the olden days and the yearly delivery of the phone book, but the fact is the complete eradication of the paper phone book is inevitable.

In 2015, a survey concluded that about two thirds of Americans have a cell phone and less than 17% of the population still had a land line phone in their homes.

According to a recent article in Democrat and Chronicle, land line companies are asking for the discontinuing of  mass deliveries of the paper phone book.

I would also think the expense of printing all of these up, the delivery cost, and the huge percentage of them that wind up in the landfill should be enough of a reason.

When was the last time you used a phone book? I know they still have them because we actually received one recently.

I thumbed through the book this morning, just to see how many of my friends and family were in there, I found my parents, and one of my aunts, all these people are in their 70's or 80's.

However many people use the online Yellow pages web site or the app on their phone, so the yellow pages web site is highly popular.

I see a lot of businesses listed in the phone book, but many are also on the internet and accessible from most smart phones.

I can ask Siri to get me the number of 'Joe's Widget shop' on Main Street, USA, and she'll come back with the listing, street hours, and phone number.

Today's paper phone book is becoming more of a conversation piece, and less of a viable tool for people to find phone numbers.



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