Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says he will withhold state aid to “coward counties” who are giving up the fight against the coronavirus to bow to pressure to reopen too early when it is not safe to do so.

PennDOT photo: Pa. Governor Tim Wolf
PennDOT photo: Pa. Governor Tim Wolf

The Associated Press reports: The normally mild-mannered Democrat fired back after several counties declared themselves in open rebellion against Wolf’s restrictions on businesses and movement.

Republican elected officials in a growing number of counties are planning to move on their own to lift some of Wolf’s restrictions, including his stay-at-home orders and shutdown of businesses deemed “non-life-sustaining.”


Pennsylvania has moved 24 of its counties, including Bradford County in the Northern Tier, into the “yellow zone”, allowing several businesses to reopen last week and 13 more are due to be upgraded May 15 but the designation does not reopen all businesses and services like hair and nail salons.

Wolf also had words for businesses tempted to prematurely reopen.  In a statement the Democrat says: "These politicians put you at risk of losing your health department certificate. They put you businesses at risk of losing your liquor license, They put you businesses at risk of losing your certificate of occupancy.  All of these depend upon you doing everything you can to keep your patrons safe... That is not only morally wrong. It's also very bad business."

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