With Binghamton Parade Day just a few days away, it is time to get that green shirt you always wear out of your closet, throw it in the wash, and get it nice and clean for the Saturday celebration.

I actually just ordered another Philadelphia Eagles shirt to sport, because I can never have too many AND its my favorite shade of green. And they won the Super Bowl.

So why is that we all wear green when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and why do people pinch us if we don’t!

Well, green is the most commonly accepted color that represents Ireland. The first explanation of why people pinch you if you aren’t wearing the color is shame! St. Patrick’s day is in honor of the Saint and Ireland, and the wearing of green is meant to represent that. If you do not wear green you may be pinched as a painful reminder that you should be.

The second reason you mat be pinched if you are not wearing green is: LEPRACHAUNS!

Yes, the guy who makes those delicious Lucky Charms is the reason behind getting pinched. Well, kind of.

Leprechauns cannot be seen by the human eye. They are mischievous and sneaky. The color green is supposed to keep them at bay. If someone you know pinches you, its to remind you that a Leprechaun is near and you may get pinched by the little girl or guy.

I think wearing green alongside my friends and family is just fun. Its nice to feel apart of a bigger thing. Lets leave the pinching at home!

[via WGNO]

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