My son Devon is a student at SUNY Oswego. It's amazing to me, how many people have attended that college including my father-in-law Bud Vitale. Last Saturday, Devon came home for the weekend with his girlfriend (who also attends Oswego).

We went to the Binghamton Senators hockey game on Saturday night and I decided to wear my Oswego golf shirt. It was amazing how many people asked me if I had attended the college and that they or their parents are alumni. One gentleman thought that I was a professor from there and had attended my class. Flattering but no.

Speaking of alumni, Al Rocker graduated from SUNY Oswego and he's going to be on campus this morning (3/31) to try and help break a world record. They are going to attempt to set the world record for longest conga line on ice.

Devon will be a part of this event and they've been practicing all week at the university ice rink. If they set the record, Devon will hold two world records. Last year, he and his cousin were a part of the World's Longest Whiffle Ball game.

Oswego University is celebrating #rokerthon and Al Rocker will be broadcasting there between 7-9:30 on the Today show. If you or someone you know has gone to Oswego, then you may want to DVR it this morning. So good luck to all including Devon and get ready to conga.

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