I don’t know why it took me so long to discover the goodness that is Amazon shopping. I feel like such a goof because for the longest time, I thought that Amazon was like eBay and that I needed to bid on things, which isn’t how I like to shop. When I see something I like, I want to be able to buy it and not play a bidding game.

Anyway, I was given a free trial of Amazon Prime through my bank and decided to give it a try. I can’t believe I thought Amazon was a bidding site. Once I realized I could shop on Amazon like I do on any other website, I definitely took full advantage of my Prime trial and now I’m hooked.

My favorite thing is that I can shop from the comfort of my home and don’t have to worry about getting my toddler ready to go and then fighting with his squirmy self to get him buckled into the car seat. Anyone who’s ever tried to walk out the door with a toddler to go to the store will tell you that it can be exhausting and sometimes isn't worth the struggle. I loved that I was able to sync my bank account with my Amazon account, click on what I wanted and two days later, it showed up at my house.

If you think the Prime shipping feature Amazon has is awesome, check this out- in England, Amazon has started testing a drone delivery service that would carry packages that weight less than five pounds and be delivered to customers within 30 minutes.

Of course a lot of people in England are already excited about this and can’t wait to give it a try because the average pizza weighs less than 5 pounds.

Amazon doesn’t currently offer a food delivery service, but in June, they launched AmazonFresh, an online grocery store that some of my friends have tried and loved.  The service isn't available in the Binghamton area, last I checked.

There will probably be some kinks to work out, but in the not too far future, you could order a  pizza and have it end up on your doorstep within 30 minutes? No lost drivers, no traffic holdup, and no need to tip a drone.

On the other hand, if this drone thing takes off, it could steal jobs from humans and that’d be awful because we need to keep our people employed, so it really is about finding the right balance.

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