According to WETM, wine and brewery tours could be a little different in the near future.

The first part of this new bill would raise the legal age to serve alcohol from 18 to 21 years old. This bill would affect ant bartender or handler of alcohol across the state, meaning current bartenders could have to seek different positions in the hospitality business.

This new bill will also restrict beer and wine tastings at breweries and wineries.

These new restrictions would include no more than five 5-ounce of beer, six 3-ounce samples of wine, five 5-ounce samples of hard cider, and three .25-ounce samples of liquor can be served to the same customer on the same day.

All samples must be different as well. For example, if you really enjoy a beer sample and want to try it again, you can't under the new bill.

The new bill would also disallow a winery from serving the same person twice in one day.

This new bill was passed last month by the NYS Assembly and could become law if signed by Governor Cuomo.

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