Asking someone if they're vaccinated against the Coronavirus is almost like walking on broken glass. You might get cut, you might not. Sure, you probably won't literally get cut, but you may end up with a verbal lashing because there aren't many people who are indifferent when it comes to being vaccinated. Most people are adamantly for it or adamantly against it.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made an announcement via his Twitter account on Wednesday that anyone who works for the state of New York who makes the decision not to receive a Coronavirus vaccination will be required to undergo weekly COVID tests.

The Tweet stated, "New York State will mandate all state employees either be vaccinated or get tested regularly." The Tweet also read, "We are working with the state unions to implement this program quickly & fairly. Will take effect by Labor Day."  Apparently, Cuomo has a serious concern about the new Delta variant of the Coronavirus because, replying to his own Tweet he wrote, "Vaccination or weekly testing will help protect employees' health as the Delta variant spreads."

Additionally, Cuomo also announced that anyone who works as a healthcare provider at any New York state hospital will be required to receive a Coronavirus vaccination which is something that several hospitals around the country have already been mandating as the number of people being vaccinated has declined while cases of COVID have climbed.

President Biden is expected to announce requirements similar to those Cuomo announced yesterday, but the President's will impact federal employees.

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