I haven't seen the numbers for myself, but I'd imagine there's some truth to this: according to the NFL, data suggests that 9 months after a Super Bowl victory, the winning city will see a rise in births.

In a newly released commercial called "Super Bowl Babies," the NFL and the incomparable Seal were able to gather together some of the kids believed to have been conceived on Super Bowl night in the hometown of the winning team. The "Super Bowl Babies," young and old(er) recreated "Kiss From a Rose," which is considered by many as one of the greatest love songs.

The commercial begins with a group of eight-year-olds who were conceived following the win of the New York Giants. Adults who were conceived following the 1967 Packers win, and who are now 49-years-old are also featured.

The NFL's chief marketing officer Dawn Hudson told ESPN "We wanted to do something that stuck with the theme that also captured the excitement of the game.

The NFL was able to find Super Bowl babies born in the last 50 years- Packers (1960s), Steelers ('70s), 49ers ('80s), Cowboys ('90s), Buccaneers (2003), Colts (2007), Giants (2012) and Seahawks (2014)- to participate in this commercial.

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