Every year leading up to the Super Bowl, there's an online petition about moving the game to Saturday. I think they should start that petition today.I think after struggling to get through the day at work today, more people would be willing to sign that petition today, as opposed to weeks prior of the big game.

I don't know about you, but after I got off the air this morning, I've been pretty useless.  We had a party at our house last night as we do every year. We all watched the game and then after everybody left we cleaned up. I was in bed by 11, which would have been okay if I was able to fall asleep right afterwards. But with all the food that I ate during the party, and a couple of adult beverages during the game, I was having a hard time falling asleep.

According to new research reported by SWNS, 44% of people thank the Monday after the big game should be a paid holiday. The report also states that 52% of people have used a vacation day on the Monday after the Super Bowl, and 39% have called in sick. There's also been research done in the past that proves people are a lot less productive the day after the Super Bowl as well.

I think the easiest solution would be to move the game to Saturday so we can all recoup on Sunday.

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I got in an argument with one of my best friends who is at my party last night about this very topic. He kept saying football is for Sunday. I reminded him that the NFL, at least towards the end of the season, also plays regular season games and playoff games on Saturday. They play Monday Night Football all year and it's getting to the point where Thursday Night Football is now a weekly occurrence too.

I think by moving it to Saturday people can stay up and enjoy the game, and that includes children. I also believe people will be more likely to watch the game in its entirety if they didn't have to get up early the next morning,  which I'm sure would be great news for for any advertiser that paid 5 million dollars for a commercial, only to have millions of people tune out because they were tired and had to go to bed.

I know the NFL owners are looking to add two weeks to the NFL season. Even if it's just one more game and one more bye week for each team. If they were to add that at the end of the season, that would mean the Super Bowl this year would have been on February 16th. with the following day being President's Day which is a national holiday and a lot of people have the day off. That too would solve the problem.

I had another friend try and argue the fact that “it's tradition” and it's always been on a Sunday. To me that means nothing. The NFL has changed so many rules over the years like in the last few years, a kickoff touch-back coming out to the 25  instead of the 20-yard line, and players on the team kicking off not being able to start running until the ball is kicked.

I don't think they care much about traditions to begin with. I think they just care about making more money, and by having the game on Saturday, I think they would be able to do that because i'm sure viewership would go up, which means the cost of advertising would go up.

What is your opinion on this subject?

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