In the fast-paced world of the National Football League coaches are very important for their team's success and one New York coach has been making a big name for himself. That coach is Brian Daboll, the head coach of the New York Giants.

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The NFL must think a lot of Daboll and the New York Giants too. They play only one "regular" Sunday afternoon game in the first four weeks of the season. Their first game of the year was on Sunday night (September 10th) against Dallas.

They avenged a 40-0 loss on opening night with a week two (4:05 kickoff) come from behind 31-28 victory against Arizona. Week three was a Thursday night (9/21) loss to San Francisco 30-12.

They round out the first month of the season against Seattle on Monday night, October 2nd. Their first Sunday 1:05 kick-off will be on Sunday, October 8th on the road against Miami.

Then it's back to Sunday night football on October 15th at 8:20 p.m. on the road against Buffalo. Their first Sunday 1:05 kick-off at home will be on October 22nd against Washington. The NFL loves the Daboll and the Giants but I'm not sure if the Giants love this schedule.

Brian Daboll Ranked One Of The Most Popular NFL Coaches

According to a study by Betway, Daboll ranked as the fourth most popular NFL coach. Fans really love Daboll and  they have been showing their love online. 22% of tweets about Daboll in the last year were positive

As the head coach of the New York Giants Daboll has been bringing exciting things to the team. Daboll is not afraid to gamble and that has their fans excited about the future.

With Daboll growing in popularity and getting such positive comments online, there is a lot for Giant fans to be excited about. Hopefully, they'll still feel that way after week six. The good news is that the schedule gets easier beginning week seven against Washington...You have NO idea how hard that is for me to say.

Week eight, they take on the Jets without Aaron Rogers. If the Big Blue is 4-4 after that, I think they are doing well.

The Most Popular Coaches In The NFL

The coaches that ranked ahead of Daboll are  Doug Pederson of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dan Campbell of the Detroit Lions, and  Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs. How did the other New York coaches rank? I'm glad you asked.

Sean McDermott coaches the only New York team that actually plays in New York. The Buffalo Bills head coach rounds out the top five. Robert Saleh of the New York Jets came in as the 19th favorite coach. Let's see if it stays that high after losing Aaron Rogers for the season.

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