Republicans are looking at options to get the next round of stimulus payments into the hands of those who need them the most.

For months now we have been hearing discussions about a second wave of economic stimulus checks. While a plan has not been set in stone yet, lawmakers are looking at the options when it comes to who may get a stimulus payment with this next plan.

According to a Times Union report, some Republicans in Washington have brought up the idea of reducing the income cap from $75,000 with the goal being targeting the funds to those who need the money the most. While this is being discussed, some feel the next plan may still resemble the first plan. As far as a timeline, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is quoted saying the plan should come together in "...the next few weeks."

While  many people are hurting across a wide spectrum of income levels, I can appreciate the fact officials are trying to find a way to get this stimulus money to those struggling the most during the pandemic. On the other side, another far reaching plan targeting more citizens could ultimately give a jolt to the economy as those still employed would hopefully put their stimulus back into circulation to help local businesses.

Either way, we should have news in the near future about the second wave of economic stimulus. Let's hope too the latest wave of coronavirus cases nationwide begins to diminish by then.

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