Many of us are living a fast-paced life in New York and that means were are looking for things that will make our lives a little easier. When we are looking for something healthy to eat but are in a hurry, pre-made salad is an option.

But there's a question a lot of us have - should we still wash that pre-washed salad mix before digging in, despite what the label says?

What's the Deal with Pre-Washed Produce?

So you grab that bag of salad mix labeled "pre-washed" or "triple-washed" from the grocery store. Sounds pretty clean, right? Well, that's because the growers have already given it a good rinse to get rid of the dirt before packing it up for you.

The Inside Scoop from Food Safety Experts

So, we turned to the experts to settle this washing debate thing once and for all. Dr. Kimberly Baker and Shannon Stover, are RDs who know their stuff, and they say that washing pre-washed produce at home might actually make it worse. What! Really?

Apparently, when you give it an extra scrub at home, it doesn't really make it cleaner, and could actually add some funky stuff if you're not careful. Think dirty water, a filthy sink, or a funky cloth that you use for drying - nobody wants that in their salad!

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Chill Out and Follow Some Tips

Now, before you go diving into that bag of pre-made salad mix, relax and remember a few safety tips. Keep your pre-washed produce chilled, wash your hands before handling it, and maybe put a paper towel in the bag to soak up the excess moisture. After all, nobody likes a soggy salad!

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