Did you know that there were nearly 139,000 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in New York in 2023? Are you surprised by that number? Maybe we aren't as safe at work as we thought we would be.

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According to OSHA, the national rate of injury cases was 2.3 cases per 100 FTE in 2022, which was the same for 2021. Respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, are some of the most common workplace illnesses, with flu and colds following just behind.

It doesn't matter which industry you work in because workplace injuries can occur anywhere. Even the harmless office can have hidden dangers that can cause workplace injuries. Some of the most common types of workplace injuries include overexertion, falls, accidents with machinery, repetitive motions, and more.

Common causes of workplace injuries are different based where you work. If you work in an office, you most likely aren't getting hurt by heavy equipment. If you work in construction, you're probably not worried about getting an injury from a copier.

OSHA publishes a long list of the most commonly violated workplace safety standards that often cause injuries. The list includes fall protection, hazard communication standards, scaffolding requirements, respiratory protection, lockout/tagout, and powered industrial trucks.

If you think that your workplace isn't following OSHA safety guidelines, you should speak up and talk with your boss. If you feel like your not getting anywhere, you might have to report it to OSHA.

Steps To Take If Your Hurt at Your Workplace

If an accident does happen at work, there are some steps you can take. First, get medical attention right away. Even small injuries can become huge ones if you don't get medical treatment. You should also report the accident to your employer and fill out a worker's compensation claim.

Don't negotiate with the insurance company, instead, let your employer handle it and hire an accident attorney to help you. Worker's compensation covers more than just medical bills and can reimburse you for lost pay and property damages.

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