There's something about parents getting into altercations at their kids' games that's just really lame. Well, even during a pandemic, where a lot of youth sports seasons are in question, some parents just don't care. The latest incident happened Wednesday evening, according to police.

New York State police say a woman was arrested for harassment after an incident at a Little League game in the Town of Erwin. Police even say that the parents had to separated once they showed up.

There weren't any details provided by WROC how exactly this Clash of the potential Karens started, but police did say the 36 year-old suspect charged another woman after the game and began shoving her. Officials say the suspect would not cooperate and was arrested. The woman arrested was given an appearance ticket to the Town of Erwin Court.

You think people can just enjoy a Little League game, without making it a matter of life and death?

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