You may see more cars with New York license plates at the Cigarette Superstore in Little Meadows Pa or Smokin' Joes Tobacco Shop in Friendsville Pa, today. No, they aren't stocking up before they travel over the Labor Day weekend, it's because a new law has gone into effect in the Empire State.

New York State $1 Cigarette Tax Hike

Starting today (September 1st) New York State's cigarette tax will be the highest in the nation. The tax hike didn't go up by a little but a WHOLE LOT! The price for a 20 pack of cigarettes has gone from $4.35 per pack to $5.35 per pack.

That's correct, $1 cigarette tax hike has gone into effect as a part of New York's $229 billion budget plan that was approved this spring. This is the first cigarette tax increase since 2010 as they are hoping that the higher tax will save over 15,000 New Yorker's lives.

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The goal is to make it harder for kids to afford those products and they hope that if kids don't light up during their youth, then maybe they won't grow into adults that smoke. New York has seen a decline in tobacco use over the last few decades as the state average of adults who smoke is 12%.

Convenience store operators are against the tax increase because they feel that this will only drive people to other states or other illicit places. In the meantime, Cigarette Superstore and Smokin' Joes says "Thank you New York."

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