When you think about going on vacation, do you ever think about going swimming...on a rooftop? How about on a rooftop in New York? Yeah, me neither. I recently ran into a website called "Roof Gnome" and it had a list called "2023"s Best Vacation Spots for Rooftop Swimming."

When it comes to rooftop swimming, the first thing that I thought of was California or Florida and the Empire State NEVER crossed my mind. This summer has been unusually hot across the US (sorry Phoenix) and Roof Gnome wanted to find which cities in the United States have the best accommodations that have a rooftop pool and lots of sunshine.

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Roof Gnome took the 500 biggest cities and they considered access accommodations with a rooftop pool, consumer ratings along with average sunshine. Once they factored in sunshine, I knew that New York was in trouble

So where are the best places to sun and swim on a rooftop? I have to admit that I was surprised to see Nashville, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana making the top ten while Hawaii was shut out.

Also making the list was Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. So what location took the top spot? Coming in at #1 is Miami Beach, Florida. My question would be, why would you swim on a rooftop when you have miles and miles of beach that you can go and dip your toes into the water. I digress!

Worst Places To Go Swimming On A Rooftop

On the top ten worst places to go rooftop swimming to nobody's surprise was Albany (#6), Buffalo (#5) and Syracuse (#2). If you are looking for a good place to go rooftop swimming (or where to avoid), go here.

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