It's that time of year for wedding receptions, graduation parties, and family reunions. One of the things that can happen when we get together outdoors during the summertime is the release of balloons into the air.

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We've heard the stories about how balloons released into the sky come back to Earth as ugly litter. Mylar and balloons with vibrant colors can be bad for sea turtles because the latex looks a lot like their favorite food (jellyfish) when it floats in the water.

Balloon releases go back to the 1940s and have been traditions at memorials, schools, and many other events. New York is taking the next step that could make releasing balloons into the sky illegal.

New York Assembly Bill To Prohibit The Release Of Balloons.

Assembly Bill A5902 is going to the New York Senate and will prohibit the release of balloons with exceptions for manned hot air balloons, government-related experiments, and balloons released indoors.

Balloon debris can take hundreds of years to degrade which can result in lasting and harmful pollution of the waterways, beaches, and wildlife. It's also harmful to wildlife and marine life.

In response, New York State is looking to prevent the intentional release of balloons to stop the littering, polluting, and wasting of natural resources. So what do you think about this bill? You can go here to learn more about the bill and to contact your Senator.

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