I always thought this was a law and even though it wasn't, it's still a good idea to do it. Beginning on, Sunday, November 1st, anyone over the age of 16 MUST wear their seat belt while riding in the back seat.

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In August, the New York State and New York Assembly passed a bill requiring adults to wear a seat belt while riding in the back of the vehicle and Governor Cuomo signed it into law the next day. It was also announced that it would go into effect on November 1st.

As of now, you only had to wear a seat belt in the front seat if you over 16. By the way, if your wondering, it's been a law for a long time that if you were under 16, you had to wear a belt in any seat in the vehicle.

Not surprising that there was some controversy about the new law. Here's how one doctor in charge of a Trauma unit put it: I don't see many people who don't wear their seat belts while riding in the back seat because they don't make it to the trauma center alive.

The new law goes into effect on Sunday and there may be a grace period but I say "Better safe than sorry...or badly hurt"  So who ends up getting a ticket when they start enforcing the new law? It'll be the passenger that didn't buckle up in the back seat that gets a ticket with a maximum fine of $50.

I don't always sit in the back seat but when I do, I always wear my seat belt. Hey, I sound like the Most Interesting Man In the World.

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