The end is near but it's not over yet. I'm not talking about the Second Coming, I mean the New York burn ban. New York issued a "BURN BAN"  from March 15th to May 15th  or March 16th to May 14th, (depending on where you get your information) because of the increased risk of wild fires.

Burn Ban Issued In New York State

There is to be no burning at all outside during this time. They must mean it too because they put the ban warning in bold lettering. So that means everything absolutely positively cannot be burned for the next few months. But what about after that?

Rules On Open Burning After May 15th In New York State

According to the Town of Binghamton, here are the rules for open burning in New York State after May 15th. The following is what you are allowed to burn:

Any outdoor fires (including campfires) less than 3 feet in height and 4 feet in diameter, length or width.

Ceremonial or celebratory (who decides that) bonfires are allowed, you can also light up a small cooking fire. Charcoal or clean, dry, unpainted or untreated wood can be burned.

You can't leave the fire unattended and it has to be put fully out. As a courtesy, Binghamton asks you to call the Fire Chief to let him know when you plan to burn. Call (607) 761-1218.

If you have any questions about Open Burning and what is or isn't against the law, go here.

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