I've got friends who have a little boy with Down Syndrome and although he's over five-years-old, he's still not been able to say "I love you." A couple years ago, the sweet little boy's mama told me that once her son is able to say "I love you," she wanted to record it and then take a photo of the soundwave and have it tattooed on her body.

But thanks to new advances in technology, my friend might be able to do more than just have the soundwave of her little boy saying "I love you" tattooed onto her body. She might be able to have the tattoo and the actual audio and as a mom, I know how special this would be.

According to Time, the company Skin Motion is working on an app which will allow people to record a clip of audio and they'll turn it into an audio file design. After they create the soundwave, the company will tattoo it onto a person's body and then once the tat has healed, the person will be able to scan it and play the audio back on the app.

Tattoos haven't really ever been on my radar, but this is a total game changer. I'd love to get one of my little boy saying "Mommy" (my favorite sound in the world is when his sweet voice calls for me), and my husband saying "I love you." This way, I could literally take them with me wherever life may take us.

What do you think? Is this something you'd be opening to doing?

[via Time]

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