Yes, we get that having flashy uniforms has no bearing on the success of a sports team. If this were true, the Patriots' 20-year-dynasty would have had a few uniform changes over the years, instead of sticking with the same threads for basically two decades.

Still, everyone likes some new clothes, and one New York-centric teams has completely new uniforms this season in the NFL.

In his annual preview, Uni-Watch's Paul Lukas outlines any and all changes to the uniforms of all 32 NFL teams this upcoming season.

Here's the low-down on the teams based in New York (or New Jersey, if you're being super picky...)

Buffalo Bills

  • No real changes on the uniform front for the Bills, but the team does have a logo to celebrate the team's 60th anniversary. Unfortunately it will only be used for marketing, NOT on the uniforms. It's a shame, because the logo looks sharp.

  New York Giants

      • No big changes for the Giants, but according to the team's uniform schedule, the Giants will wear their 1980's-era throwback uniforms on November 4 against the Cowboys. Remember seeing Lawrence Taylor roaming the gridiron in white uniforms with blue numbers and "GIANTS" sprawled across the helmet? Classic.

New York Jets

  • The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets made the biggest splash uniform-wise in the offseason with a complete revamp. Gone are the 1960's-inspired threads. The color scheme is now closer to what the team had in the 1980's and 1990's. A black alternate uniform is also included. Take a look below:

To take a look at all the uniform-related changes for the 2019 season, read the Paul Lukas' full preview by clicking here.

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