This started out as a conversation about the Binghamton Devils hockey team not being able to play at the Visions Federal Credit Union this season. The conversation turned to "Where did New Jersey get the nickname 'Devils' from?"

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I thought it was an out-of-place name for the team and I wasn't really fond of it. I was shocked when I found this info on the official site of the state of New Jersey. I never expected to find my answer there.

How the New Jersy Devil name was born...literally.

Let's travel back in time to a dark and stormy night in 1735. Mother Leeds was giving birth to her 13th baby in Pine Barrens, New Jersey.  There was no Facebook or Instagram back then so no one knows for sure what happened next.

However, that didn't stop anyone from guessing. One story is that Mother Leeds wanted the baby to be the devil. Another story is that the child was born with a tail, wings, and hooves and then proceeded to fly up the chimney.

Still more stories about the origin of the New Jersey Devil name.

The locals call it the "Leeds Devil" because Leeds Point is near Pine Barrens. Depending on who you talk to it's six-foot or three-foot-tall with glowing red eyes and makes loud screeching sounds. Side note: if that is a she, I might have dated her once.

These are just a few of the stories about the New Jersey Devil and you can go here to see the other tales. I have a whole different appreciation for the team name and I certainly won't question it again.

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