I've come to the conclusion that my three-year-old isn't really a boy. He's a spider monkey. My child needs to be attached to me at every waking moment. If I'm sleeping, he's got to be tucked up next to me with his arms around my neck (pretty precious, I'll admit). If I'm showering, he's got to be sitting on the floor outside the bathroom yelling for me to hurry up so that he can wrap himself around me. If I'm on the couch, he climbs on my shoulders and yells "Rusty Rivets!!!!!!" and we watch the same episode for the 100,000 time.

I remember the days before I became a mom. The days when my husband and I worked opposite shifts and I had all the "me" time you could imagine to do whatever, whenever I wanted. Sleep ranked up high on my list of me time activities, but so did watching Netflix.

Before the days of motherhood, I loved to binge watch Netflix. I re-watched every episode of my favorite shows, The West Wing and Law and Order. I also got sucked into Grace and Frankie. These days if Netflix is on, it's to watch Sesame Street with my little guy.

I might not even know what watching adult TV is like anymore, but man does this job sound appealing- according to Esquire, Netflix is hiring someone to binge watch TV shows. That's right, Netflix is going to hire someone to sit on their rear and watch TV specials, movies and series and then tag, rate, and write show summaries for other people. Can you even imagine?

[via Esquire]

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