You know pancakes are good when they have not one but two "National Pancake Days."  This first time is today, February 16th with the other one being celebrated in September. A day so nice that they celebrate it twice!

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IHOP created this special day, 16 years ago with the goal to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. In ordinary years, they would serve up more than 5 million pancakes. If you stacked them, it would stand almost 19 miles high.

It's a pandemic so things are different and THIS JUST IN!!! NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY HAS BEEN CANCELED. In many locations, you can't celebrate under their blue roof, so IHOP owes you one...One free shortstack of buttermilk pancakes. That's right, this year you can uncelebrate (is that even a word) National Pancake Day with an IOU. Go here for a FREE shortstack of buttermilk pancakes.

As always they are celebrating pancakes with a purpose. You can enjoy their tasty pancakes and benefit, not only the Children's Miracle Network but your donation can also help the Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

IHOP National Pancake Day may have been canceled. In delicious news, they are giving out IOUs for free pancakes in April including the IHOP, 3720 Vestal Parkway East in Vestal. You'll be able to use your IOU between April 1st and April 30th, 2021.

This is a great way to help take care of kids in our own community with serious medical needs while enjoying pancakes at the same time. It's not National Pancake Day anymore? Don't worry, you can still go here to get your IOU pancakes.

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