It's Halloween week and every day we have been celebrating something that's associated with Halloween. On Tuesday, we celebrated "National Pumpkin Day" and Wednesday was "National Black Cat Day." So what does Thursday, October 28th hold?

When I think of Halloween, one of the things that I think about is candy. When I think about candy, I think about candy bars. What are candy bars made of??? Chocolate. Thursday, October 28th is "National Chocolate Day."

National Chocolate Day

Forrest Gump was correct when he said "Life is like a box of chocolates." Your choice of chocolate can tell a lot about you.

Caramel Center: You're the Peter Pan in your circle of loved ones. You may be an adult but underneath it all is a kid wanting to get out. Your love of life is contagious and people enjoy being around you.

Chocolate-Covered Nuts: My guess was that you are the nutty one in your group or family. I would be wrong. According to psychologist Dorothy Maples, you are the mainstay in your family and are there to support your loved ones. You can be depended on to solve most of the problems.

Dipped Fruit: In my opinion, nothing beats dipping fruit in chocolate...actually most anything dipped in chocolate is really good. You are seen as kooky and you are a genuine original.

Truffles: If you were a psychologist and asked me to give my first response when you said the word "Truffles" I would say "pig." I did a quick informal survey and asked Traci what she thought of and her answer was "mushrooms." I'm glad to know that chocolate was not associated with Truffles.

If your choice of chocolate is Truffles then you believe that you deserved the best for you and yours. Your generosity of spirit isn't limited to your loved ones either. You are also known as someone that's a champion of volunteerism in your area.

I would say that Truffles have been given a bad rap and I need to get me some for Halloween.

                     Chocolate is the bomb and we prove it below.

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