Make hot chocolate bombs my brain said. Make them with your five-year-old, my brain told me, it'll be fun.

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In the end, we learned a lot and did have fun. But I have to be totally transparent with you and tell you it was a rocky road getting there. There were tears involved (from both of us), we lost a canister of hot chocolate mix to the floor in an accidental knock-over (more tears), and we had to take a break in the middle of our creating to go for a walk because we were both frustrated (but too stubborn to completely throw in the towel).

We didn't give up and through trial and error, we made the hot chocolate bombs that the world is obsessed with and we were really happy with our end result. I found that the second time I made them, it was such a cinch because I knew what not to do and my hope is that by sharing with you our failures and successes, you'll have an easier time making your own hot chocolate bombs.

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