There were actually fans in attendance at the NASCAR All-Sta race on Wednesday night and they got to see something that no other race has offered; lights on the cars!

I was wondering how the "Fast and Furious" look might be pulled off and I didn't hate it!

Congratulations to Chase Elliot who was the winner of the race and a one million dollar pay-day! It was the first time during the pandemic that fans were in attendance at a major sporting event in the United States. It was just last week that we found out New York won't allow any fans in to arenas for at least the next few months. It will most likely extend in to the 2021 calendar year as well.

Check out the cars and the neon lights that are placed underneath. I think it really gives a cool way to watch a  race. It does get a bit distracting. But for this particular race, I think it worked.

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