We are a month into the fall season most of us are preparing for bad weather and looking ahead to the holidays, so what are your favorite things about fall.

I think I just mentioned one of my favorite things about fall with the upcoming holidays, two of which are in the fall season, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Halloween is my wife’s favorite holiday and I have grown to enjoy it more through the years I have spent with her, I think the most appealing part of Halloween is the ability to be creative, you can dress up to be most anything.

I read somewhere recently where a survey was conducted about Halloween being for children and that adults should refrain from celebrating.

According to the Forbes web site 179 Million Americans will dress up this Halloween and we will spend a collective 9.1 billion on this holiday.

I disagree, Halloween is every bit an adult holiday as it is for children, I do think that going door to door and trick or treating should be for children only, but dressing up for Halloween is fun for all ages.

We have an adult Halloween party every year at our home, my wife decorates the house and we also have karaoke and a few spooky surprises.

Halloween is one of the things I look forward to each fall.



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