Here at the radio station, we've always had hand sanitizer spread out throughout the building. And now with the threat of the Coronavirus, there are hand sanitizing bottles in just about every room in the building.

I had an embarrassing mishap with one of the bottles of hand sanitizer today, but it was too funny not to share. And who couldn't use a laugh now, right?

After washing and drying  my hands in the bathroom I touched the handle to open the door. Usually I will use a paper towel to turn the door handle, but this time I wasn't thinking. So I thought, I'll just use the hand sanitizer. That turned out to be a bad idea.

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When I pushed down on the pump from the hand sanitizer to put some on my hands, It turns out that a drip of the lotion that was hanging out of the nozzle from a previous user and it must have hardened. When I put one hand under the nozzle to catch the lotion and push down on the handle with my other hand, the hand sanitizer shot out in every direction.

A big glob of it landed on my pants not far from my zipper. I reached for a paper towel and as I started wiping up the wayward lotion, one of my coworkers walked by the bathroom door. I just started laughing and said “it is not what it looks like”.

I hope this dries soon without leaving a stain or it's going to be a pretty embarrassing walk when I leave to get in my car.

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