I'm not old enough to remember the days when stores painted advertisements on their buildings, but I've certainly seen my share of remnants and have always thought they must have looked incredible when they were freshly painted.

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While few businesses paint actual advertisements on their business buildings anymore (that's what billboards are for these days), many have embraced a new idea: sprucing up their building and adding color to the area in which they're situated by painting beautiful murals on their building.

All one has to do is drive around a bit in the Southern Tier to stumble on a stunning and colorful mural. In July of this year, a mural was unveiled in Endicott of a local named Lisa Iannone who was a champion of the arts before her passing. That mural can be seen on Madison Avenue in Endicott.

In October of 2018, artist Beau Stanton created a masterpiece, a focal point if you will, on the side of the Lost Dog Cafe building in Downtown Binghamton. There's the Muhammad Ali mural that graces the side of Peterson's Tavern, also in Downtown Binghamton and the mural on the back of the old K-Mart in Binghamton which can be seen across the river and welcomes people into town.

Murals are popping up all over the Binghamton area including a new one on the side of Berger’s Ski and Snowboard Shop at 16 Lewis Street in Binghamton. Mural artist Damien Mitchell tirelessly worked on the incredible work of art, finally finishing it after using some 100 cans of paint.

When someone asked on the Berger's Ski and Snowboard Shop who the man in the mural was, they explained, "It’s an ambiguous person that is meant to be all of us who want to get out into nature and enjoy a long life."

The latest mural is just one of nine more that will be popping up across Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott as part of the iDistricts Murals and Mosaics Public Art Program.

Any area business owner located within any one of the three iDistricts who would like to be considered for a mural or mosaic must complete the iDistrict Call for Walls Form and it must be submitted no later than October 1, 2021.

Check Out This Incredible Ski Shop Mural in Downtown Binghamton


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