They’re our best friend. They’re also the most likely animals to take our lives in New York.

I know. I have three of them and my heart sank, too. It's just too unfathomable. 

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), dogs are the most dangerous animal in New York state. Although the total number of animal-related fatalities is relatively low across the state, several of these incidents have involved dog attacks, with a small number proving fatal.

One such attack sparked a commotion on Staten Island when Daisie Bradshaw, a 65-year-old woman, was fatally attacked by two dogs in her own home. The dogs belonged to Bradshaw's daughter and had been living with her in the basement.

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Bradshaw's daughter asserted that her mother inadvertently frightened the animals when she entered their living space to turn off a light. Shockingly, during the court hearing, Bradshaw's daughter even went as far as to blame her mother for causing her own death by frightening the dogs.

Pet owners should be responsible for keeping their animals under control and ensuring their pets are not a hazard to people or other animals. Public spaces like parks and sidewalks should be monitored for potentially dangerous dogs, and residents should know what to do when they encounter a threatening or aggressive animal.

What animals are the most likely to kill residents in other states? You can see the full list compiled by Ranker here.

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