Many regular activities have gone under lock and key due to COVID-19 safety protocols. Social gatherings, parties, concerts and more have been halted in order to stop the spread of the virus. All the extra time at home has certainly given people the space to think and plan for the future and it seems as though many Americans are on the same page in one regard.

According to PIPLSAY, after quarantine is lifted about 46% of Americans surveyed revealed that they plan to travel as soon as it’s over. Millennials in particular already have plans to catch flights as soon as they are given the go-ahead. Others have responded with more modest plans, such as waiting 2-3 months before hopping to any particular plans.

It seems as though family and friend visits are on the top of many people’s to-do lists. 42% of people said that would be their point of travel, while 40% defined their planned travel as leisure and less than 10% for business needs.

It is hard not be get a little overanxious while stuck at home but the safest thing to do is wait for the coast to be clear in order to protect each other from the virus.

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