The daughter of an infantryman, my early years were spent living state to state, base to base, and I think all of the moving we did before my eighth birthday really has an impact on my desire to live a nomadic life in my 20s.

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I can't even count the number of places my family lived before settling down in New York State in time for me to enter first grade, but as soon as I graduated high school, I was out. I lived in Vermont, Ohio, and Pennsylvania before turning 30.

In my younger years, the middle of my jumping from state to state, I spent almost all of my free time traveling, something that I still love to do even though my life is more grounded today and I've planted roots with my family.  However, traveling with a husband and small child isn't as easy as it was when it was just me and a backpack.

One day I'll be able to start checking off places on my travel bucket list but today won't be the day. Or tomorrow, or even this year. Coronavirus has put a kink in the travel plans of so many, but it seems that instead of sitting home, more and more people are actually hitting the road.

OnePoll created a survey on behalf of the travel company Skyscanner and found that 76 percent of people say that they've got more motivation now than ever before to travel and are already planning trips for later this year.

Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic has shown people that life is meant to be lived and that we need to enjoy life because we don't know when we won't be able to do things again?

It would seem so.

According to SWNS Digital, another 71 percent of people surveyed specifically said that because they've been on lockdown, they've been craving the opportunity to visit with extended family and to travel.

So, where do you plan to explore once our world opens back up again?

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