According to Connie Corey, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Binghamton University, a Deposit teen is missing and her family is asking for help getting her home.

17-year-old Katee Neu is Connie's niece and Connie has asked me to help spread the word about Katee's missing status.

I was told that a report had been filed and so I called the New York State Police. While they wouldn't confirm Katee's missing status, they did say they're looking for someone who might fit her description.

According to Connie, Katee is 5 feet tall and weighs around 155 pounds. Katee has long reddish brown wavy hair and she is believed to be with a 34-year-old male who is 5'9", weighs 130 pounds, and has dark hair, which is crew-cut.

The man Katee is believed to be with is thought to be driving a stolen vehicle which is a red Ford Fusion, NY license plate # HDJ 4387. This man is also wanted by the New York State Police. The two are believed to have been in the Deposit and Binghamton areas.

If you have any information on where Katee might be, please call the New York State Police at 607-467-3215 or the Pennsylvania State Police at 570-465-3154.

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