Gum disease is no joke. The gums are what keep your teeth in place, and if they’re inflicted with gum disease, you need an expert to remedy the situation as soon as possible. 

Missih Dental Care & Periodontics have the tools to help you out. 

They have a board-certified periodontist in-house and offer both surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy. That way, you’re covered whether your problem is major or minor. 

The folks at Missih Dental Care & Periodontics have experience with a wide range of dental procedures, including restorations, dental crowns, implants, denture fittings, fixed bridge placements and root canals. 

However, you don’t need to have a dental crisis in order for Missih Dental Care & Periodontics to help you out. They offer oral plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry if there is something about your teeth you would like to change. 

You can replace missing teeth, brighten your tooth color, or change the size, shape, or alignment of certain teeth.  

On top of all of this, they also do general dentistry to make sure that your smile stays healthy and bright. 

All dental care takes place under one roof, so consider it one-stop shopping. 

Missih Dental Care & Periodontics have offices in both Johnson City and Syracuse. The Johnson City office is located at 355 Riverside Drive.  

For more information, call the Johnson City office at (607)-798-7188, the Syracuse office at (315)-475-1533, or visit their website.