A young Middletown student has made her hometown and the internet proud in a picture that's going viral.

The crowd got to see an extraordinary case of sportsmanship at a local cross country meet.

Do you remember high school? It's not exactly the most nurturing place. Sometimes it can be a pretty dog-eat-dog but kindness can still prevail even in the most competitive places.

Many students participate in school sports to gain some comradery but high school sports can be extremely competitive especially sports like running cross country when you perform individually.

The importance of winning is driven into the heads of young athletes at a very young age but is it the most important thing? Coaches and parents also like preach about  good sportsmanship but you've got to love it when you see an athlete practice it.

While at the Bull Run Invitational, one woman was watching the meet and caught the most magnificent thing on camera. Jessica Hoyle attended the meet and captured a runner for Middletown High School help a teammate from a rival school walk the course. The Middletown runner also helped the other girl get to a spectator who then assisted the runner who was in distress.

The runner was identified as a Junior from Middletown High School.

The original photo was first posted on Facebook which can be found here. It has gotten hundreds of comments supporting the young runners and has been shared well over 10,000 times.

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