If any of my friends told me they were this scared of their spouse, I’d tell them they probably shouldn’t be married.

A man in Texas faked his own kidnapping because he didn't want to face telling his wife that he wanted to go out partying. The guy’s name is Rogelio Andaverde and he got his buddies to go in on his scheme (I’m thinking it’s time for new friends!). Rogelio’s four friends wore masks and broke into his home while his wife was there and take him at gunpoint.

The woman freaked out and called police and officers scoured the neighborhood looking for Rogelio. They started to get suspicious when they couldn’t find any leads, and even more suspicious when Rogelio showed up and told his wife the kidnappers showed mercy and set him free.

Rogelio later admitted that he staged the kidnapping so he could go out with the boys, telling the cops he was afraid of his wife. The cops didn't show mercy on him- charged him with making a false report.