In 2023, it's easy to find the depressing news, you don't even have to look for it. Inflation, school shootings, rising gas prices, and don't even get me started with all the political nonsense. So it's fantastic when we can share some good (make that great) news.

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By now, you have probably heard about the Make-A-Wish program and how the create joy and hope for a child fighting a critical illness. The Central New York Chapter of Make-A-Wish has granted over 2,000 wishes since 1985 and they added one more on April 1st...No fooling.

Make-A-Wish Comes True For Vestal Child

Aidan Czebiniak has been mowing his neighbors grass since he was 11 and his "wish" was to save up enough money to buy a tractor and trailer to begin his own lawn-mowing business.

On Saturday, April 1st, his wish was granted when his extended family, Cazenovia Equipment, Lindsey Equipment (along with Make-A-Wish) surprised him with a John Deere X7585, 5x10 foot trailer, a weed trimmer, Carhartt overalls and other John Deere Apparel.

April is Wish Heroes Month and the campaign celebrates the importance of wish-granting and Make-A-Wish supporters. Wish Hero's help to make future wishes possible.

If there is one thing that this world need more of is hope so if you would like to bring hope and help make wishes come true, here is how you can become a wish hero. Here are some of the wishes that you have already help come true.

Saturday, April 29th is World Wish Day, where a child makes a wish and you make a difference.

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