The Town of Maine have been celebrating their 175th Anniversary all year long. Over the Memorial Day weekend, they held their Demisemiseptcentennial celebration and they'll continue their celebration on Sunday, August 13th.

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The Nanticoke Valley Historical Society (NVHS) presents "History in the Headstones" beginning at 3 p.m. It'll take place at the Maine Cemetery located 1 mile south of the town of Maine on Route 26.

You are invited to step back in time to a place where the voices from their past will give you a reflection of times gone by. The walking tour of the cemetery will have local actors portraying former citizens and give you a perspective of life in the Maine community.

The Citizens That Will Be Portrayed At History In The Headstones

Thomas Marean (1753-1829)
Esther Patterson Marean (1756-1832)
Levi Henry Baldwin (1832-1907)
Gardner Sawin Bowers (1802-1882)
Issac and Charles Lamb (1813-1907)
Lyman Pollard (1809-1907)

We live in a crazy world now and I think it's important to find the time to remember our history. So I hope you can make some room to hear from the voices of our past on Sunday afternoon.

This event is free and open to the public. It is intended to take place rain or shine. You can keep up with all the details on their website or their Facebook page. If you're interested in more information, you contact NVHS Archivist and Town of Maine Historian, Sue Lisk at (607) 862-9705.

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