Cancer sucks. It really, really sucks.

Chance's are you have met someone or know someone who has been affected by the disease. It not only affects your life physically, but take a toll emotionally. Its not just another sickness, it consumes every second of your life.

That is why any little thing someone can do to help a cancer patient is important.

The ride-sharing company Lyft is doing just that.

Transportation for cancer patients to receive treatment is one of the growing issues when it comes to cancer. Chemotherapy, doctors appointments, and mild sickness means multiple trips a week to the physician's office.

Lyft will begin offering free rides to cancer patients who need to get to a hospital.

The pilot program started last year and is now expanding to multiple cities across the United States. Right now these cities are some of the more populated areas, but if you are in need of transportation you are encourage to visit the Road to Recovery website in order to work out transportation in your situation.

People interested in volunteering to be a driver can also obtain more information by clicking here.

Road to Recovery also has other resources for free rides for cancer patients. You can find those by calling 1-800-227-2345.

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