Luke Combs has had a banner June. After welcoming his son, Tex, on June 19, he killed it on Jimmy Kimmel and put out a new duet with Miranda Lambert, who is celebrating her own red-hot album release.

Combs' new album, Growin' Up, just hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, finally unseating Morgan Wallen's Dangerous. The success is well-deserved, with Combs being recognized for his buttery voice and no-frills, guitar-focused songs about everyday heroes and parties.

Combs didn't get here by himself — he'll be the first to admit that — and his versatility and passion for music are obvious in his choice of musical partners. Here are The Boot's picks for Luke Combs' 10 best collaborations, so far:

  • 10

    "Cold Beer Calling My Name"

    with Jameson Rodgers

    On "Cold Beer Calling My Name," Jameson Rodgers and Combs team up to fantasize about the weekend. The pair trade verses, describing their perfect R&R scenarios. In the video, Rodgers and Combs cosplay as beer deliverymen, literally bringing the party to anyone who wants it.

  • 9

    "1, 2 Many"

    with Brooks & Dunn

    The trio do it again on "1,2 Many" a party anthem that was literally designed to be a show-stopper. While Combs shotguns a beer, Brooks & Dunn take the lead with soaring harmonies that all but dare you not to sing — or drink — along.

  • 8

    "Out There"

    with Jacob Bryant

    With this track off his debut album, Combs and Jacob Bryant hold their own against screaming guitar solos and chugging bass lines.

    "Out There" is a song of independence and breaking ties from stifling hometowns. The pair sell it with their care-free harmonies.

  • 7

    "Brand New Man"

    with Brooks & Dunn

    What's better than one of the best singers in country music? How about three? Brooks & Dunn join Combs on this pump-up song about falling in love. The song begins with an exuberant chord and takes off running from there.

  • 6


    with Tom O'Connor

    We see an edgier side to Combs on "Deserve." Combs supports Tom O'Connor on a southern rock song that edges into Americana territory with distorted guitars and plenty of spleen. The pair don't hold back, wishing a nasty ex exactly what they deserve.

  • 5

    "If The World Had a Front Porch"

    with Tracy Lawrence

    On this inter-generational team-up, Combs and '90s star Tracy Lawrence duet on "If The World Had a Front Porch." The song is similar to "The Great Divide," and posits that if everyone had the good, down-home upbringing they did, the world would be a better place. Testing that theory might lead to mixed results, but in the meantime, we have this example of perfect harmony.

  • 4

    "The Great Divide"

    with Billy Strings

    Collaborating with another partner outside of the main Nashville mainstream, "The Great Divide" is buttressed by the flaming fingers of Billy Strings, known in blues and bluegrass circles for his juggernaut picking.

    Strings and Combs make a plea for understanding in the style of an old Appalachian ballad as timeless as the need for peace and understanding.

  • 3

    "Does to Me"

    with Eric Church

    Combs and Eric Church are both recognized as voices of the every-person: storytellers who celebrate the ordinary and make victories out of everyday life. On "Does To Me," the pair celebrate the small achievements in life, whether others recognize them or not. Church's gentle tenor contrasts perfectly with Combs' bourbon-smooth voice.

  • 2

    "Without You"

    with Amanda Shires

    On this heartwarming ballad, Combs gives credit to those who helped bring him to country music stardom. Amanda Shires adds to the song's sentimentality with her deft fiddle playing. Shires is a member of the celebrated Highwomen supergroup, plays fiddle with Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (and, rumor has it, is married to the lead singer), as well as an outspoken pro-choice activist.

    This is an unlikely pairing that's rarely seen in Nashville, and it speaks to Combs' keen ear for music and willingness to collaborate with the best.

  • 1


    with Leon Bridges

    Two legendary voices, one outstanding song. Leon Bridges has moved away from his 2015 soul revival debut, Coming Home, and onto a soundscape of thrilling Afro-futuristic interpretations with his 2021 record Gold-Diggers Sound.

    On the pair's duet, "Beyond," the pair keep it classic. The pair recorded the song for CMT Crossroads and it was an instant hit: the pair croon together beautiful, with Bridges carrying the high notes and fills while Combs holds down the groove with ease.

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