A Broome County sex offender is back in prison after pleading guilty to failing to provide an address to local law enforcement as required under state law.

A news release from Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak’s office says 45-year-old Donnell Bailey was sentenced on Friday, July 8 to one to three years in State Prison.

Bailey pleaded guilty to felony Failure to Comply with the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA).

Broome County District Attorney-provided mugshot Donnell Bailey
Broome County District Attorney-provided mugshot Donnell Bailey

Prosecutors say while Baily was living in Broome County for several months in 2021, he did not provide his address information to local law enforcement agencies.  Updated information concerning current address or changes in address are required under New York State Correction Law for certain levels of convicted sex offenders upon their release from prison.

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Bailey was convicted in Broome County in 2002 of sex offenses.  The Broome County District Attorney’s Office says Bailey was convicted at that time of Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree with a person less than the age of 17 years old.

District Attorney Michael Korchak said, “Thanks to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division for their diligent efforts in monitoring the whereabouts of these offenders.” The statement from the D.A. goes on to send a message to sex offender who may be living in the area, quote: “If you are a registered sex offender, Broome County is not the place to violate the law. You will go to prison. "

Senior Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Congdon of the Special Victim Bureau prosecuted the case for the District Attorney’s Office.

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