Luke Bryan recently released the music video to his poignant single "Fast," and now the singer-songwriter is taking fans behind the scenes on the video's set. Filmed on campus at Indiana University's theater, the nearly four-minute clip has Bryan seated on a stool on stage as he recites the lyrics to the song.

In the tenth video of Bryan's directed by Michael Monaco, fans get an intimate look at a typical day for the superstar as he's shown FaceTiming his son.

"What she said yes? Where'd you ask her?" Bryan asks his son between takes. He soon learns that his son asked out a girl he's been crushing on for a year during recess, in front of her friends.

"Good job, buddy. Were you nervous? You did it in front of her friends? You're crazy!" the proud father says with a big smile, before getting serious. "Play your basketball game today. Quit worrying about girls for right now."

While some of the crew look on as he gets off the phone, Bryan explains, "this has been a year in the making, him asking that girl!"

The phone situation is a perfect anecdote to the song, which is all about slowing things down in life and cherishing the moment with loved ones.

"Fast is a song that I got the opportunity to get in the room with Rodney Clawson and Luke Laird and I'm just so proud about how we used a simple word like 'fast,' we tied the verses in," he says, commenting how life does move too fast. "Every time I come home, my boys are bigger and are starting to throw me around the house a little more. One day I'll snap my fingers and you wish you could have froze time a little bit. Anytime you can help people slow down and reflect on that and remember to take things in stride a little bit better, I think people love hearing that in a song."

"Fast" is the sixth single off Bryan's Kill the Lights album.

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