As the mom of a little guy, I worry about what John's future will be like. I think that every parent wants their child to have a better life than they've had, but I don't know many parents who've had to worry about things like their child being declined for a job because of robots. Unfortunately, that's the reality of the world we live in.

Our boy might only be two-years-old, but my husband and I have already started seriously talking about John's education. Should we send him to public school or would private school be better? Will John learn more if one of us homeschools him or would a technical school benefit him more?

Jay and I are taking John's education very seriously and we plan to encourage him to really pursue the subjects that he has the most passion for so that he'll want to learn and soak up everything on those subjects and hopefully his passion combined with education, and life experience, will help him when it comes time to find a career. And by help, I mean to give him the skills to be hired over a robot.  Who knows? Maybe John will be technically inclined and will end up with a job repairing the job-stealing robots. Wouldn't that be ironic?

According to CNBC, 6% of all jobs will be replaced by robots and it'll happen within the next five years. Researchers say that by 2021, a "disruptive tidal wave" will begin and robots will really start to take over jobs, especially jobs in fields such as transportation, delivery, customer service, and consumer services.

Researchers think that robots will have "a better understanding of human language, be better at learning from users and be better able to handle more complex jobs."

Take this into consideration- according to Tech Crunch, one company has created a robot called "Flippy" and this robot does exactly what his name implies- he flips burgers. After the burgers are done cooking, Flippy places them on a plate where humans then assemble them. So, while human help is still needed, the days might be numbered as technology advances and new robots are created to do things like assembling burgers.

In other words, education, and learning social skills have never been more important than they are now.

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