As someone who's watched friends and family members who small businesses struggle to keep their dream of self employment alive, this really hit me hard in the heart.

Reverend Christopher Michael Jones and his New Jersey congregation have created something simply amazing which they call "love mobs."  These love mobs support small, locally owned businesses in their community.

If the name Christopher Michael Jones sounds a bit familiar to you, it would be because at one time he was a multi-platinum hip hop and R & B record producer for artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Shaquille O' Neal, S.W.V. Toni Braxton and others.

Reverend Jones recently took his 150-person "love mob" to a local flower shop, where they spent a combined $3,000 of their personal money to buy out all of the shop's inventory.

For members of the "love mob," it was a chance for them to do something kind for someone and to take home beautiful, fresh flowers. But, for the owner of the shop, it was a chance for her to make a substantial amount of money which will help her keep her dream alive and thriving.

Reverend Jones and his '"love mobs" have made a pact to visit one mom-and-pop business each month where they will spend $5,000 or buy out the business inventory, whichever comes first.

What an incredible act of kindness! If you or someone you know has done something for someone else without expecting a single thing in return, we'd love to hear about it!

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